A message from our president and chairman!

                    Image           I’m often reminded that when oppression takes foot in our  modern day society, that we are unmasking the villains that, for so long, persecuted us for living in the light of self truth and personal respect.  When I took up this cause,  it was never about my personal experiences, it was about a collective, a group that was rising above the oppression and fear. We are far from the militant facade that so many placed upon our name. We are fighters, we are truth bearers, and we are the faces that have seen, first hand, the hatred and abuse that hetero-supremacy has allotted us. We took a stand! It wasn’t just about raising our voices, rather the meaning of our words.
                                Many people, especially those who identify as LGBTQ, ask us why we are drawing attention to so much hatred. We must remind all of you that ask this exact same question, if you bury the seed of oppression and hatred, it doesn’t stay buried for long, it takes root, it germinates, and it grows. You cannot just cut it down, you must totally uproot and expose it’s true rotten nature. We are not a group that sits in the shadows; we’re tired of living there. I, personally, have a deep respect for the old school Queer Nation and Act UP. They were the voices that rose from the depth of political and social oppression. They reminded society that we are never leaving, and the more they fight us, the more we grow in numbers. I’m here to reawaken this cause, to awaken our tribe. We mustn’t be afraid to walk forward, hand in hand, under the banner of equality and invisibility.  When you remain silent, when you knowingly create an environment that places the hand over your community’s voice, you have opted out of your rights and privileges to live, work, and be in our LGBTQ community. Our movement is motivated by love. After all, we are an army of lovers. We should also not slacken our duties to where we are vulnerable to those that wish to cause us harm. We have a right to self-defense and to protect those we love. We have a right to live and work in a society that acknowledges our invisibility. We must, by all means, be a movement of love and understanding,  and only two things should step in our way of these two esteemed qualities, and that is to accept injury or insult from no one!
                                   On that note, we have work to do. We have a responsibility to uphold. We as brothers and sisters, have a duty to each other. We must love each other, protect each other. We must respect and understand each other. Our community is vast and diverse, therefore, we must never exclude anyone from their right to live in peace and harmony. Let us run the journey together, as a community of service and dedication. We are, and always will be, one voice, one people, one commitment to equality.