We are an LGBTQ non-profit Civil Rights Movement and Activist Group to protect the interests and rights of all LGBTQ youth and adults from defamation. We are an activist group, some would even call us a radical queer activist group. We are here to eradicate homophobia, gender profiling, patriarchy, and remove the apathy and arrogance from our youth. Yes, society is getting more “tolerant,” but we shouldn’t have to be tolerated…we should be treated with equality, dignity, and love. The Pink Panthers Movement (PPM) has zero tolerance for hatred and fear brought on by ignorance, the far right-wing, and extreme religious ideologies. While our facebook page will always be all inclusive, we must stand by Queer Nation’s Manifesto and our LGBT community. Our queer brothers and sisters are at threat and have been given a false sense of entitlement by our modern day governments to cage our outrage. Until we have the same rights as heterosexual citizens, in every country, we will take to the streets and fight.

The Pink Panthers Movement was inspired by the original Pink Panthers Patrol of New York City, New York in the 1970’s that protected LGBT individuals from physical violence and defamation.  In 1991, The Pink Panthers Patrol disbanded amidst legal pressure from MGM Studios.  In the late 1990’s, Todd A. Haley, II began looking for ways to revive the group without catching the corporate giant’s eyes.  Changing the name to The Pink Panthers Movement (The PPM), Haley resurrected the politically driven party on November 14, 2012


To protect and defend the rights of all LGBTQ individuals. To fight back against the homosupremist agenda in todays society

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