Is Western Union Blocking Financial Aid To Gay Uganda?


Is Western Union blocking financial aid to Gay Uganda? Fred Kwint of the Netherlands sure thinks so.

Two Years ago Fred was raising thousands of Euro per year online through a GoFundMe account out of the Netherlands. The money raised, was routinely wired to gays in Uganda via Western Union.

Suddenly, the gay Ugandan whom was receiving the funding from Mr. Kwint was arrested and beaten by Ugandan secret police. According to the anonymous Ugandan source, multiple questions where asked about donors from outside Uganda whom were accused of seeking to “spread homosexuality” via wire transfers.

Fred states that Western Union stopped all wire transfers in his name and began asking for extra information to process his future transfers; such
as Fred’s source of income and for photo copy id’s of gay Ugandans needing the assistance. Information that Fred would not be able to give.

Mr. Kwint would like to continue to raise money for gay Ugandans in need but he is being stonewalled by Western Union. Mr Kwint has filed an official complaint with Western Union but has yet to hear back on it. At the time of this writing I have reached out to Western Union for comment. Western Union’s only response back to me was a blank email a couple hours later.

Western Union only scores a 30 on the HRC Equality Index Score. HRC has reached out to Western Union to participate in the Equality Index Score survey multiple times but Western Union has always ignored it.

So what about you? Have you or your friends encountered any trouble wiring money to Uganda through Western Union? Good or bad experiences with Western Union and gay Uganda to report? Please leave your experience in the comments section below.

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